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Our marine ecosystem is facing unprecedented threats such as overfishing, plastic pollution, and climate change. Protecting the oceans is crucial for maintaining the ecological balance of our planet, and we need innovative solutions to address the current challenges. That’s why we introduce Shark Coin, a blockchain-based innovative solution for marine conservation.

If you missed out on SHIB and PEPE, then do not miss out on Sharkcoin. Sharkcoin is more than a cryptocurrency project, it’s a great cause to protect the ocean and support marine ecology. Join Sharkcoin and let’s use the power of blockchain to change the world.

Project Vision
The vision of Sharkcoin is to establish a sustainable ocean protection ecosystem, supporting global ocean protection projects by providing funds and resources. We hope to stimulate more people’s environmental awareness and encourage them to participate in protecting the ocean through the means of cryptocurrency.


Protecting the marine ecosystem is an urgent global issue, but current efforts in marine conservation face various challenges, including insufficient funding, information asymmetry, and inadequate regulations. To address these issues, we have gathered a group of experts and enthusiasts who are passionate about diving and marine conservation, including marine ecologists, divers, and blockchain technology experts. We believe that the application of blockchain technology can bring revolutionary changes to the field of marine conservation.