Sea Map




– Conduct crowdfunding: Initiate the crowdfunding campaign for the Shark Coin project to raise funds and attract early supporters.

– Marketing and promotion: Utilize various channels and media to promote and raise awareness of the Shark Coin project.

– Listing on DEX exchange: List Shark Coin tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX) to increase token liquidity and tradability.


– Collaboration with environmental organizations: Collaborate with major civil environmental organizations globally to collectively drive marine conservation actions.

– Government partnerships: Collaborate with government environmental organizations to seek recognition and support from local governments.

– Launch of Shark Coin platform: Introduce the Shark Coin platform, providing users with real-time updates on global pollution and opportunities to participate in various environmental activities.



– Listing on CEX exchange: List Shark Coin tokens on centralized exchanges (CEX) to further enhance token tradability and expand market coverage.

– Coral planting and shark conservation activities: Organize activities worldwide, such as coral planting and shark conservation, to raise awareness and engagement in the protection of marine ecosystems.

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